Business Description:

AssessTech Asia Pacific specialises in delivering services particularly tailored to National, State, and Operator/Infrastructure customer needs.

From our Australian based office, we deliver the latest world leading technology products and services based around the principle of Developmental Competence Management to the Rail and Light Rail operators.

With our wide and varied experience in the local railway systems and operations, we understand the present active competence systems and the historical shortfalls. It is our passion to see continual improvement in rail safety and enhance our customers’ efficiency. Our specialists fully understand the unique and demanding conditions of the Asia Pacific region, the individual localities and both state and national regulations.

AssessTech supply systems and solutions across the whole railway industry in the region. These are tailored for all types of operations whether it be heavy haul, general freight, passenger services, light rail, or infrastructure. All this is backed up with the support of our UK based operations centre, Head Office and associated software development team.