While Rail construction remains diverse between countries and even states, Polyfabrics Australasia understands the overlapping needs of different geographic regions and the geosynthetic solutions required for each situation. We have a strong partnership with TERRAM, who boast over 40 years of rail applications experience. It adds unrivalled expertise allowing our team to offer comprehensive service and reliability to all customers. Our services are the most innovative and cost-effective geosynthetic solutions on the market. It enhances track performance and extends design life while reducing both installation time-frames and overall material costs. Separation and filtration of Sub-grade and Ballast is still a key component which ever situation you are working in. However, ensuring you have durable materials stopping abrasion is key in this field. So, be careful with geotextiles as they are not all made the same. This will then ensure that the extended maintenance intervals reduce overall costs to the lines. The leading innovation in the Rail Application space is the reduction of sub-grade materials. Utilising the latest technology available, the Top 5 Rail operators in Europe have removed the need for additional sub-grade material, achieving savings of over 20%. Coming from years of research by our many partners, Polyfabrics Australasia are proud to now bring this technology to Australia. To find out more about the extensive rail support we can offer please contact our team at Polyfabrics Australasia Pty ltd, and with the additional support of Terram and their 45 years of rail experience we will be able to guide you through the right sections while providing value engineering.


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