Specialising in the manufacture of rail maintenance equipment, fabrication and steelwork for commercial and individual applications. For over fifteen years, Harrybilt Engineering has specialised in the design, development and manufacture of specialist equipment for Rail Infrastructure Networks across Australia. This equipment ranges from Hi Rail and Rail Guidance Systems for excavators (wheel and track) trucks and backhoes, rail maintenance equipment, as well as rail and sleeper handling attachments.
All equipment is designed for Australian conditions and is supplied Australia wide.
Harrybilt Engineering has the ability to design and develop new equipment, to suit specific customer needs and is always designing and developing the product range to keep pace with this specialised industry.
We have constructed a testing facility to conduct compliance testing for network registration. All equipment is manufactured at our Ballarat factory, and designed to the highest standard, meeting all relevant rail requirements.


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10 Golden Crescent Ballarat VIC 3350 Australia


03 5339 4859


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Ernest Martino, Managing Director

Products and Services :

Plant and Equipment Services, Road Rail and On-Track Plant Services

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